QRS Toolbox for Excel

Cookie Policy

Last updated 7 July 2021

QRS Toolbox for Excel (the toolbox) is the product of Quantitative Risk Solutions PLT (we, us, our), a limited liability partnership incorporated in Malaysia. This document specifies our policies on cookies and should be read together with our terms and conditions and privacy policy.


Cookies are small pieces of data, such as alphanumeric strings, that are sent from a server to a device, stored in the device, and sent back to the server when the device communicates with the server.

Cookies may be categorized into persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies are stored until their expiration dates. Session cookies are stored until the end of a user session.


We use cookies only for purposes that are considered essential to the operation of the toolbox, namely:

  • to enable you to sign in with a Microsoft account;
  • to enable you to sign in across multiple devices simultaneously; and
  • to recognize you after you have signed in until the end of your session.

We do not use cookies for analytics, advertising, tracking, and other non-essential purposes. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Microsoft may use cookies that they set through the Office JavaScript API for purposes beyond our control.

We use both persistent cookies and session cookies. We set the lifetime of a cookie to be commensurate with its purpose. We delete a cookie as soon as it has fulfilled its purpose.


You can set your device to disable cookies either selectively or completely. If you disable cookies completely, you may not be able to access the toolbox, and the toolbox may not work as intended.